Image and Wardrobe Consultation
Have you found yourself saying “I don’t have anything to wear!” or are the items in your closet outdated or do they no longer fit?  An image and wardrobe consultation will enable you to determine what items you should have in your closet, what items you need to get rid of and what items you need to purchase. You will come away identifying how to skillfully and creatively mix and match pieces to achieve an effortlessly pulled together image that will make it easier for you to look your best consistently.  An Image and Wardrobe Consultation is also perfect for individuals who have undergone a major life change like the birth of a child, significant weight loss or gain, retirement, re-entry into the workforce, marriage or even divorce.  It is also recommended for individuals preparing themselves for transition, looking to achieve a new look to take them to the next level professionally.
From this in-depth service, you will learn the styles of clothing, hairstyle options, and accessories which are best suitable for your age, lifestyle and body type.  You will also learn how to consistently demonstrate well put together and effortless style. 
Approximately Three hours

Image & Wardrobe

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